Shipwright Turned Marina Manager Finalist in MIA Awards

Batemans Bay Marina Manager Daimon Martin has been selected as a finalist in the People’s Choice Award for Best Marina Employee in the Marina Industries Association (MIA) Club Marine Marina Awards (a worthy choice, we all agree).

In the role just over a year, he has made a tremendously positive impact on the marina and the south coast boating community—but he wasn’t always in management.

Daimon started his working life at Akuna Bay Marina on the Hawkesbury River 15 years ago, learning the shipwright trade by helping to build super maxis for the Sydney to Hobart with McConaghy Boats.

He had grown up near the water on Sydney’s Northern Beaches—fishing, camping and surfing—and ocean life was in his blood.

Working in the trade for several years he then opted for a career change and began studying aeronautical engineering, moving to Tamworth in regional New South Wales.

But the ocean called him back, and he settled in Batemans Bay with his young family a few years ago, taking up a position at the old marina’s slipway and hardstand (many would remember him from that time).

When Sydney-based investors took over the 70-year lease in April 2016, Daimon was invited to be part of the new management team.

While most of his skills have been honed on-the-job, he has also benefited from an MIA Marina Management Course.

But his real worth is not just his knowledge of boats or the ocean or his management skills, it is his passion—for the marina and the boating community.

Treating everyone with the utmost respect, giving his time to each individual as though he had the capacity to extend the hours in the day, taking care of the smallest things and going the extra mile—these are just some of his attributes that have made him a crowd favourite.

For the marina and the tenants, Daimon has made strong connections with the local tourism sector, and he is always looking for new op