The Marina

Our Facilities

We know that owning a boat is one of life’s grandest pleasures, and it’s something you want to protect. Located at the mouth of the Hastings River and sheltered from the open ocean, Port Macquarie Marina is one of the safest on the eastern seaboard—even with fierce southerlies blowing a gale. We look forward to seeing you.


We can accommodate boats of most shapes and sizes, up to a maximum of 25m (75ft), with a variety of wet berth options to suit your needs. Both long-term and short-term berthing is available, for a total of 89 boats.

We can also offer reciprocal berthing with our sister site, Batemans Bay Marina.

Our berthing rates include standard 240v power and potable water, as well as access to all our facilities.

Dockmaster Assistance

Dockmaster assistance is available seven-days-a-week. We can help with pre-arranged docking and refuelling. We also ensure the safety of your vessel with daily dockwalks and inspections of boats and mooring lines..

Blackwater Pump Out

Should you require black water pump out, you can use the pump out facility at the public jetty, located 800m from the marina next to the Waters Edge holiday apartments.


For your fuelling needs, we offer pay-at-the-pump premium unleaded (PULP) and diesel on-water. Fuel is available to guests of the marina, and also to those just making a pit-stop. Vessels requiring fuel can berth at Fuel Wharf.

Slipway & Hardstand

For complete boat servicing, Port Marina Slipways offers a range of slipway services including fixed price antifoul, polish and wax, mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, insurance work, prop speed, monthly boat maintenance, pressure wash, fiberglass works, and timber boat repairs and restoration. Please visit our Boardwalk Businesses page below.

Vessel Management

Should you require vessel management, including mechanics, electricians, cleaning, repairs or restoration. Please visit our Boardwalk Businesses page below.

Personal Amenities

Toilets and showers are available for the convenience of our guests. Secured with a locked entry, they are available 24-hours-a-day and are cleaned daily.

WiFi Connection

Our guests are welcome to use our unlimited WiFi service during their stay.

Marine Brokers – Coastwide

Marine brokers for 30 years offering boat brokerage, marine insurance & valuation services in 4 regional areas along the NSW Coast as well 5 Sydney locations. Marine Rescue NSW’s preferred broker since 2011

Our Pricing Schedule

Your vessels length overall above water (including extended bow anchors and attached platforms at the stern) will determine your berth size and pricing. Please see our pricing schedule below.


Boardwalk Businesses

More than a safe harbour, Port Macquarie Marina offers a range of businesses for the convenience of visitors and guests. With a full service slipway and service centre, you’ll also find a range of fabulous eateries, hairdressers, day spas, massage services, and treats for your furry friends —all of them ready to share with you the best of local hospitality and service.

THE ONLY AUTHORISED SERVICE AGENT FOR RAYMARINE, FURUNO, GARMIN and SIMRAD on the MID NORTH COAST. OUR WORK IS GUARANTEED AND BACKED BY THE DEALER What does that mean? It means we are CERTIFIED by our suppliers and offer the highest level of sales after sales service and warranty. We are reputable, authorised service, installation & sales agents with more than 30 years of experience in Marine Electronics. We pride ourselves on our loyalty to customers and suppliers – expect the best from us. You can rely on us to offer a ‘total solution’ for Trailer Boat, Navigation and Commercial products. Trained and trusted to install and/or repair the products. We are experts in the new technology. Great advice along with great price. If the unit is fitted or installed by us and you encounter a problem we arrange for an authorised service tech to assist on board. Backup after service is GUARANTEED
We are an independent boutique property management company specialising in residential management. Should you require any further information please let us know.

Coast & Country Primary Care

We are an experienced not-for-profit organisation that has been providing programs and services that help our community since 2001. Our vision, Better Health Better Life, is at our core and we live that vision every day through the delivery of a broad range of programs and services that improve health and wellbeing to over 85,000 people annually.

5QS Consulting Group

We provide civil, structural, geotechnical, environmental, Structural Testing, R&D, and Software engineering services for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. 5QS provides comprehensive services across eastern NSW, ACT and Norfolk Island, including the Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie, Central Coast, Sydney Metropolitan, South West Slopes, ACT, and Norfolk Island.
Port Macquarie Maroro Outrigger Canoe Club (PMMOCC) caters for all people who have the following characteristics: “an affinity with the sea and aquatic sports”. Whether you are just starting or have paddled your whole life, we will welcome you.
Hello Sailor bring the festival feels to Port Macquaire. Based on the banks of the beautiful Hastings river, with in the Port Macquaire Marina. We pride ourselves on our Amazing Street Food inspired Menu, wide range of creative house made Cocktails, considered Wine list and Craft Beers. Along with our all year round live music calender there is no better place to kick back, relax and soak up the good vibes.

Port Marina Slipway

Website:[email protected]
Mobile:0456 767 547

Port Macquarie Game Fishing Club

Mobile:0407 872 453
Marine brokers for 30 years offering boat brokerage, marine insurance & valuation services in 4 regional areas along the NSW Coast as well 5 Sydney locations. Marine Rescue NSW’s preferred broker since 2011. Ethical and thorough in our business practice but friendly and easygoing in our approach. Our listings receive diverse online marketing including through boat sales, yacht hubs & boats online as well as through our own sites for CWM + our Youtube & FB page. Our ads also include multi-video display included as part of commission. All listings are then visually displayed onsite at Newport’s Princes St Marina, Manly Boat-shed Sydney harbour, Batemans Bay Marina, Port Macquarie Marina and Castlecrag Marina.

Free Reciprocal Berthing

As a full time berth tenant, you get free reciprocal berthing at Batemans Bay Marina. Contact Batemans Bay Marina for more information.


Accessing The Marina

Channel Entry to Port Macquarie Marina

Marina Code of Conduct

All Marina visitors, guests, customers and boat owners shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and tone of respect toward Marina staff, Marina tenants, patrons and public visiting the site.

Marina Management reserves the right to ask persons that do not adhere to this code of conduct removed from the site under the NSW Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901

Download Code of Conduct PDF

Safety & Security

Any lost or additional keys or tags are subject to a $50 admin fee for replacement.
Port Macquarie  Marina reserves the right to share images of vessels berthed at the Marina on the internet and social media within standard privacy laws.
A combination of CCTV and security gates offer Marina security; however, it is the boat owner’s responsibility to ensure valuables are not left unattended. Propping open access gates is not permitted, they must remain closed at all times.
Outside Labour
With the exception of boat owners and crew, all outside labour must hold a valid BIA marine card to enter and work on the Marina premises. Each person is to sign in and out at the Marina office. This is to assist with insurance and government environmental requirements and is required by NSW Marine industry Workplace Health & Safety guidelines.

Insurance, Deeds & Payments

Marina Agreement
A berthing Deed must be fully completed and signed prior to arrival. These Marina Rules are reflective of and in accordance with Item 10 of the BIA deed.
Insurance & Liability
All boats must be insured at all times against fire, theft and damage, salvage and all require third party insurance no less than $10 million while at the Marina. Customers should note that Port Macquarie  Marina will not be liable or responsible for loss or damage of any kind to boats or equipment or other property of customers or third parties; or any injuries to persons.
Licence & Registration
All boat owners shall hold appropriate licenses and registration to operate the vessel. All vessels shall be registered with a HIN (Hull Identification Number).
Direct Debit or Direct Automatic Credit Card is the required method for payment of Quarterly berthing fees. Casual Berthing Fees must be made by Credit Card at time of arrival. The Marina does not accept cash, cheques, Eft, or in person Credit Card for payment of quarterly berthing Fees. All fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable.

Berthing at the Marina

Appearance of Vessels Berthed at the Marina
The appearance of vessels berthed within the Marina must be maintained to a level representing the Marina standards. The hanging and drying of clothes on vessel is not permitted. For Sale Signs should not be attached to vessels. Vessels must be clean, free of rubbish, pests, mould have no loose tarpaulins, lines, buoys or rigging, and must not be in any way considered a hazard to the marina. The Marina may instruct you to bring your vessel to an acceptable standard and can provide cleaning contractor information.
Defects and Damage
As required under the Head Lease, all vessels moored at the Marina must be sea-worthy, and the Marina may request at any stage evidence attesting to this including asking you to move your vessel and/or a survey report. All defects or malfunction of Marina structures, building facilities and equipment must be reported to the dock master or Marina manager immediately. Port Macquarie  Marina reserves the right to recharge vessel owners or patrons onsite that cause damage or negligence damage to Marina infrastructure, fitting or fixtures anywhere onsite.
Services (Water & Electricity) Policy
Water and electricity is included in some berths, and is provided under this fair use policy, in that each berth size is allocated a specific amount of each water and electricity. Vessels who use above this allocation may be charged an additional service fee. Wash down Hoses are not permitted to be left on Marina main walkway or Fingers, they must be stored on boats.
Power Leads & Mooring Lines
Shore power leads are to be tagged and tested annually. All leads are to be neatly arranged and not spread across walkway areas. Shore power leads must comply with Australian Standards and may be removed by the Marina if they are non compliant.  The cost and supply of all mooring ropes, fenders and fittings are the responsibility of the boat owner. All lines, and/or loose fittings on the vessel must be secured at all times. Lines are to be kept to a standard as set by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
Live Aboard Policy
Under no circumstances are Marina boat owners allowed to reside permanently on their vessel or treat their vessel as their primary place of residence. This contravenes the Marina Head Lease obligations and RMS maritime state law on maximum lengths of stay on privately moored boats and discharge policies in relation to environmental governance. Short weekend and holiday period stays (up 3-4 days per week) are encouraged however any continuous stay longer than 7 days must be discussed and approve by the Marina manager. Houseboats are not permitted to be berthed or moored within the Marina, the commercial swing moorings or other facilities under management by Port Macquarie Marina.
Pump Out
Complimentary waste pumpout facilities are available at the council pumpout near the Marine Rescue Wharf – please utilise them. Pumpout into the Marina water is prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation of a berthing deed, and vessels may be immediately relocated to a swing mooring outside of the Marina to be removed by the owner. You may be asked to provide evidence on your disposal of blackwater program and/or asked to move your vessel outside of the marina to dispose of your blackwater.
Movement of Vessels by Marina Staff
Marina staff may board and or move vessels within the Marina and its related services ie swing moorings or hardstand, In case of emergency, in breaches of deed agreements and/or in the best interests of your vessel, and other tenants. Your vessel may relocated to another berth within the marina at the sole discretion of the Marina Manager.

Environment & Emergencies

Environmental Measures
Government legislation requires great care to be taken with environmental issues and your assistance would be appreciated. A fuel oil absorbent cloth must be placed in the boat’s bilge whilst at the Marina to help prevent pollution of the waterways. Contact the Marina Manager for further information. Please note: The Hastings River and Marina waterways are ‘No Overboard Discharge Zones’. Marina waterways are a ‘No Wash Zone’ and a maximum of 4 knots speed limit.
Fire Hose Reels
To be used only for the fighting of fires. Penalties of up to $1000 will apply for use outside of emergency situations.
Oil Spillage
Leakages and spills of fuel, oil and wastes from vessels must be reported to the dock master or Marina manager immediately.
Fishing & Swimming
There is no fishing or swimming allowed in the Marina, from boats, docks or land designated within the Head Lease. Cleaning, scaling, cutting of fish on marina docks is prohibited.
All boats will refuel using the Marina refuelling facilities which provide diesel and PULP 24 hours a day using Visa or MasterCard for payments. No overwater refuelling is permitted.
All garbage shall be disposed of in the marked recycling bin or container at the Marina.
Washing & Maintenance
Detergents or cleaning products must be biodegradable. No other cleaning products are to be discharged into the water. Waste materials from maintenance of the boat are not to be discarded into the water. Please work within the RMS guidelines.
A copy can be provided through the Marina office.
Only minor works can be carried out while the vessel is moored within the marina. No maintenance is permitted including but not limited to hull repairs, engine repairs, sanding or surface preparations, rigging replacement and similar works. These must be undertaken in the slipway or outside of the marina berths.
Consideration of Neighbours
All users of the Marina and its facilities must acknowledge the rights of local residents and ensure there is no disturbance relating to the use of their boats or facilities. The excess running of engine motors, generators or the playing of loud music or other associated noises must not be offensive whilst at the Marina. This is required by the NSW POEO (Noise Control) Regulation 2017. There is a noise curfew of 11pm. After this time, noise should be minimal in so that it does not disturb any other tenants or customers.

Around the Marina

Hours of Trading
The Marina is open 24hrs, 7 days a week. Marina Staff are generally on site Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm Saturday – Sunday 8am – 2pm (winter until 12noon). For assistance after these hours, a call out fee of $50 applies. After Hours contact 0448 096 395.
Car parking spaces shall only be used for car parking purposes, unless prior approval has been given from Marina Management. Vehicles must adhere to the parking restrictions and time limits. All cars must park in allocated parking spaces and no parking is allowed in driveway areas or loading zones. Car park speed limit is 10 k/ph. Reserving Carparking spaces is not permitted and is on a “first come” basis.
Bicycles must not be left on the grounds of the Marina property or docks, nor leant on windows, buildings or poles. Bicycles should be left on racks provided, on vessels or outside of the premises.
Licenced Premises
There are a number of licenced premises around the Marina. Visitors and guests at times may need to cross through these areas. In doing so you agree to follow directions and requests from staff of each licenced premise in line with the NSW Liquor Act 2007.
The Marina is a smoke free environment. Tenants, visitors and guests are asked to smoke (cigarettes, vapes, cigars etc) in designated areas or on personal vessels only (applicable to berth tenants only).
Pets are only permitted on the Marina whilst controlled on a leash and owners are solely responsible for the behaviour of their pets. Pets who disturb other tenants and guests may be asked to leave the Marina.
Common Room & Laundry
These areas are to be kept neat and tidy by users.

Pollution Incident Response
Management Plan

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